Wednesday, 18 July 2012

1 lakh names go missing in job exchange records

Even as vigilance sleuths probe alleged irregularities in recruitment through Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission, a major scam is unfolding in government employment exchanges.

Records of over 1 lakh aspirants who had registered on the employment exchange website since its launch in September 2010 have gone missing.

Sources said hundreds of graduates, postgraduates and professionals who registered for government jobs over the past 17 months had been visiting the 32-odd employment exchanges in the state every day, only to find their names missing in records. The matter came to light after the government recently sought 853 veterinarians.

As per law, the exchange is expected to call at least five candidates for each post, which means over 4,000 veterinarians should have been sent interview cards. “We only have 1,600 registered doctors in the state, yet many did not receive interview cards as their names are missing from the database,” a senior official said.

Arun Kumar from Pattabiram, a bachelors in veterinary science from the Madras Veterinary College last year, says, “Several of my batchmates ,including me, registered online in December 2010. When the government announced 843 posts, we were all expecting a call for the interview. But, when I went to the employment exchange, they said my name was not even in the list.”

Between May and December 2011 alone, the employment exchange for professionals in Chennai received 74,462 new registrations, 43,142 renewals and 932 priority registrations. “All records of these candidates have gone missing,” sources in the department said.

Labour and employment secretary Mr Mohan Pyare said computerisation process was not complete. “Since it is not yet completed, there could be some irregularities which we will sort out if brought to our notice,” he said.

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