Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Secret bird paradise of Tamil Nadu

February 27, 2012:

Of the various bird watching sites popular among avid avian lovers in the city, the winding Maruthamalai road that leads to the temple located around 2000 feet above sea level is probably the least explored bird paradise.

Unlike the wetlands which are frequented by members of the dozen-odd bird watching clubs on a regular basis, the rare avian species that visit these hills in the north west of the city manage to evade their powerful lenses.

One of the few bird watchers and wildlife photographers who have covered these hills extensively, C. Subramaniam, says he has captured atleast 57 species of birds including several rare ones like the Changeable Hawk Eagle, Asian Paradise Flycatcher and the red headed falcon.

Local environmentalist C.R. Jayaprakash, who organises several bird watching trips for students and others, pointed out that they avoided the area for other reasons. “It is a reserve forest and we need permission from the forest department. Besides, elephant movement is common here and we do not want to expose our bird watching groups to that risk,” he said.

With expensive digital cameras staying away from these hills, the exotic and colourful birds showcase their beauties almost exclusively to the morning walkers and joggers.

To find a rare winged beauty while pumping one’s heart muscles on the bending Marathuamalai Road is an experience that could motivate one to run up the hills more often. Just as a beautiful male Paradise Flycatcher with a tail that was almost a feet long, did to this reporter one cold morning near the hill temple.

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