Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Book on birds of Coimbatore out

For a city that has huge population of bird watchers and nature enthusiasts who constantly ‘Google’ for bird species and their details, city-based wildlife photographer has provided an easier solution.

After laboring for over four and a half years in and around Coimbatore, 59-year-old C. Subramanian has come out with a coffee table book, first of its kind, that rare photographs of 173 species of birds that are found in Coimbatore district alone.

“While I started taking pictures of birds as a hobby, the collection has impressed some of my ornithologist friends who lament about the lack of a consolidated collection of birds here. This book is an attempt to solve that issue,” Subramanian says.

Among the several exquisite shots that he captured in his modest camera with regular lenses are some rare delights for lovers of avian species. “For instance, I had photographed a black sparrow near Masanagudi in Nilgiris districts. To the best of my knowledge, it is the only picture of a black house sparrow ever taken and it has been authenticated by leading ornithologists,” he said.

Subramanian is not just a bird photographer. His residence in Vadavalli near here is also home to around 100 birds several of which are injured ones receiving treatment and good food from the bird lover.

His next project is to bring out a collection of butterflies found in and around Coimbatore. “So far, I have taken pictures of atleast 30 different species. It might be a smaller book but one that children would love to carry. Most of us do not know the various types of butterflies that fly around our gardens and a little knowledge on these winged visitors could only help,” he says.

He also has plans of documenting all bird species in Tamil Nadu. “But that is not quite feasible as I cannot leave my home. If I go travelling, then who will take care of my birds,” says Subramanian who lives alone but for his avian guests.

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