Thursday, 1 January 2015

In lighter vein: A quest for the most eligible man for the 'Balls of Steel - 2014' award

As yet another year comes to an end, let's take a look at who have made it to the 'Who's who' list for the year 2014.

If there is one person who qualifies unanimously for the man with 'balls of steel' award in TN for 2014, it has to be none other than the slender, mischievous-looking judge from neighbouring Karnataka, Justice Michael D’Cunha. 

In a year which saw the most macho police officers, matinee super stars and even six-pack flashing youth icons take up the practice of worshipping the ‘mother’ as means to a prosperous life, the Karnataka judge, a native of Gurpur Kaikamba, about 18 kilometers from Mangalore, has shown people in TN that it is still possible to stand up for what one believes in and even get away with it, thus increasing his popularity manifold in the state.  

The judgement that he delivered on September 27 convicting Jaya and three of her associates for a four-year prison term besides a huge fine running into several crores, is rumoured to have provided an androgen boost even to the nanogenarian DMK patriarch M Karunandhi who could finally see some light at the end of his dark, family-feud filled tunnel. 

Chief Minister O Panneerselvam who is again back in the top seat, has however not yet thought it appropriate to physically rest his rear end in the coveted seat. He continues to keep his head down and spirits high.  Despite trying his best to not do anything besides maintaining a mournful appearance, he has been celebrated by sections of national media as a go-getter CM, deft at handling state affairs staking his claim as a strong contender for the award.  

Speaking of spirits, the year has turned out to be most unfair to the biggest source of revenue for the state, the tippler. The state-owned TASMAC has increased the price of Indian Made Foreign Liqour by atleast fifty percent making it almost impossible for the booze lover to get a quarter bottle of IMFL under Rs. 100/-.  The money one saved by consuming cheap food available at Amma canteens where a full meal could be had in less than Rs. 10/- will have to be shelled out for an appetizer at the nearest TASMAC outlet. 

Despite all the odds stacked against him, the tippler continues to relentlessly shell out his hard earned money in consuming exorbitantly priced liquor to ensure that the freebies and the subsidized products continue to be available for the public. For his selfless service, the TN Tippler emerges as the most resilient contender for the award.

If there is anyone who was more resilient in swimming against the tide over the past year, it has to super star Rajinikath. 

Yes, he is too old to be running around trees with pretty women, a third of his age. Yes, his previous film Kochadaiyan, despite being just an animation, bombed out of box office in no time. And yes, most of his ardent fans are either dead or are too old and weak to visit movie theatres.  Yet, thalaivar did manage a comeback in flesh and skin.

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